A spider appeared on the television coverage of Germany 0-0 France in the UEFA Nations League, crawling across one of the cameras
(Image: Twitter/Love Football)

VIDEO: Spider on coverage of Germany 0-0 France in UEFA Nations League

Arachnid enlivens new competition by crawling across camera.



A spider startled viewers of Germany vs France on Thursday night as the national sides clashed in the new UEFA Nations League competition.

A goalless draw in the tournament billed as the rejuvenation of national team football was enlivened when the arachnid suddenly appeared on screen, apparently crawling across one of the cameras.


The spider caught everyones attention as it interrupted the League A Group 1 match.

German television channel SPORT1’s Stefan Kumberger jokingly suggested it was dangled there by one of his colleagues:

Wer von den werten Kollegen hat die Spinne vor die Kamera gehängt?! #GERFRA pic.twitter.com/TveF3bu7FR

— Stefan Kumberger (@__Kumbi__) September 6, 2018