Soccer AM advert for Leeds coaching jobs after spying scandal
(Image: Twitter/Soccer AM)

VIDEO: Soccer AM mock up advert for Leeds United coaching jobs after spygate

Have you got what it takes?



Sky Sports show Soccer AM mocked up an advert for Leeds United coaching jobs to make light of the recent spygate controversy surrounding the club.

The Championship leaders’ manager Marcelo Bielsa admitted to sending a spy to observe a Derby County training session ahead of their fixture at Elland Road.

In this humorous clip, a take-off of army recruitment adverts, a man in a dark hat and coat makes his way through the woods while a voice-over says:

Cold. Stamina. Courage. Vigilance. Treacherous surveillance behind enemy lines.

Staying undetected on perilous covert operations. High-risk reconnaissance missions.

🤣🤣 Love it @SoccerAM. MOT 💛💙 pic.twitter.com/uxwQ37EiaG

— Matt Roberts (@Matt_Roberts18) January 19, 2019

We then see him spying from the bushes through a pair of binoculars at Frank Lampard putting his Rams squad through their paces.

The narrator continues:

If you’ve got what it takes, search ‘Leeds United coaching staff jobs’.

Leeds United. What? It’s not illegal!