Young Dutch Southampton fan won't stop singing 'Shane Long's on Fire' into TV mic at FC Groningen friendly
(Image: Twitter/Saint Rhys)

VIDEO: Dutch six-year-old Southampton fan won’t stop singing ‘Shane Long’s on Fire’ into TV mic

Boos heard as staff move equipment away from persistent child on pre-season tour of Holland.

The moment when FOX television move the microphone because a young Dutch Saints fan was singing Shane Longs on fire pic.twitter.com/x3YR0W0diq

— Saint Rhys (@RhysTheSaint) July 31, 2016

Watch an enthusiastic young Dutch fan belt out his own rendition of Shane Long’s on Fire into a microphone situated on the sidelines of The Noordlease Stadion for television coverage of Southampton’s friendly against FC Groningen on their pre-season tour of Holland.

So loud and persistent was the Dutch child, who has since been identified as Stijn van Willigen, that a member of staff was instructed to move the piece of equipment away from him – an unpopular decision that was greeted with boos from the crowd.

Ready for his 2nd game ever tomorrow! #saintsfc #wemarchon #dutchsaints pic.twitter.com/moU2tP5Ect

— Cindy (@CinvW) July 29, 2016

The youngster was soon back in front of it though and, with a little assistance from a fellow spectator, managed to get even closer.

See the six-year-old Southampton supporter from the Netherlands who won’t stop singing Shane Long’s on Fire into a TV mic in the video above.