A shot from Whitby Town broke a window of a building outside the Turnbull Ground during their 0-1 defeat to Warrington Town
(Image: Twitter/Soccer AM)

VIDEO: Shot at Whitby Town breaks window of nearby house

Sound of broken glass interrupts Northern Premier League clash.



A shot at Whitby Town smashed a window of one of the buildings that overlook the pitch from outside the ground.

A wild attempt from the hosts’ Jimmy Beadle went high and wide of the goal during their 0-1 defeat to Warrington Town at the Turnbull Ground last week.

The sound of broken glass interrupted the Northern Premier League clash as the ball broke the window on the upper floor of the house in the seaside town.

Club media and communications manager Paul Connolly told the Whitby Gazette:

I don’t think the first thing that will have gone through Jimmy’s head when he lined that shot up was, “this will end up on Soccer AM”.

We certainly didn’t think it either, but then again we didn’t think that we’d be hearing a window smash on North Promenade.

We knew it was off target, but not that far off.