Pitch invader at Aston Villa 1-0 Birmingham City
(Image: YouTube/football world 786)

VIDEO: Shirtless pitch invader at Aston Villa vs Birmingham slide tackled by steward

Had a good run around the pitch first.


See the stewards at Aston Villa chase a pitch invader who entered the field of play as the hosts were celebrating what turned out to be the only goal of their 1-0 win over local rivals Birmingham.

With the crowd at Villa Park still applauding Gabby Agbonlahor’s 68th min strike against Harry Redknapp’s latest side and the players continuing to congratulate one another, the shirtless man manages to get on the pitch.

Running around with his hands aloft, he manages to evade the stewards’ grasps despite what at first appeared to be a calamitous slip near the centre circle.

Eventually though, the crazed fan was brought down by a risky slide tackle in the penalty area before being hauled off.