The Sheffield United mascot doesn't want to shake hands with the Sheffield Wednesday mascot before derby match
(Image: Twitter/Niall Geoghegan)

VIDEO: Sheffield United mascot doesn’t want to shake hands with Sheffield Wednesday counterpart

Turned away from his rival during the pre-match ritual.


Blades mascot showing impressive levels of contempt towards his Wednesday counterparts pic.twitter.com/DHeoaYz2bW

— Niall Geoghegan (@niall_m91) November 9, 2018

The Sheffield United mascot refused to shake hands with his Sheffield Wednesday counterpart, turning away from him during the pre-match ritual ahead of kick off on derby day.

The youngster was guided down the line by Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp before the Steel City rivals faced each other at Bramall Lane on Friday night.

But the child, said to be just five years old, turned away when he noticed the blue and white striped shirt of Wednesday.

He then bypasses the entirety of the rest of the line while the others continue to shake hands.

The fiercely contested Championship match finished 0-0.