Spain's Sergio Ramos performs his World Cup song
(Image: YouTube/La Roja)

VIDEO: Sergio Ramos releases World Cup song ‘Otra estrella en tu corazón’

Title translates as "Another star in your heart".


Spain defender Sergio Ramos has unveiled his World Cup song “Otra estrella en tu corazón”, which translates as “Another star in your heart”.

Recorded alongside Spanish pop star Demarco Flamenco, it continues Ramos’s tradition of releasing songs before major tournaments and carries with it the hashtag #VAMOSESPAÑA (come on Spain).

However, it is unlikely to go down well with Liverpool fans still angry about him injuring Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final.

The chorus translates as follows:

Come on, Spain, raise your voice/Scream loudly, shout that goal/In our skin, decide the ball/Put another star in your heart