VIDEO: Serbian fans dig Mačva Šabac grave on pitch as warning to players

Fans dig Mačva Šabac grave on pitch as warning to players
Promotion in Serbia… A grave situation (Image: Twitter/@ForoUltrasEsp)

See the Mačva Šabac grave that fans dug on their own pitch to serve as a warning to their beloved players that they must secure promotion to the Serbian First League this season.

FK Mačva Šabac is a football club based in Šabac, Serbia. They currently lie 2nd in the Serbian League West, a division in the third tier of Serbian football, and the fans are desperate for promotion.

It appears the Šaneri (die-hard Mačva fans) were able to gain entry into their ground early on Sunday morning in order to set up the stunt. They dug a two-metre long shallow grave in the turf and implanted a crucifix.


Written on the crucifix, the supporters left a simple message, translated as:

Second division or this

Inside World Soccer report that:

Serbian police have opened an enquiry into the incident, although the people responsible remain unknown.

Zvone Jovanović, a Mačva official, told AFP:

We cannot believe that someone could have such an idea.

For years we were getting really close to be promoted into the second division and we failed to reach that goal by only a few points.

Luckily the grave was cleared up in time for Mačva to beat Bane 2-0 and leave the team just two points behind the league leaders, proving once and for all that scare tactics work.

Watch the Mačva Šabac grave video below for the best angles: