San Marino defender Dante Rossi cries during interview after 0-0 draw with Gibraltar, a second competitive match without defeat
(Image: San Marino fan account)

VIDEO: San Marino defender cries during interview after historic 2nd game without defeat

Goalless draw with Gibraltar seals record.


Dante Rossi, the rock solid wall in our defense, crying of happiness because he is so proud and grateful he can play for San Marino. This is what football is about, passion and emotion. We love you Dante. #SMRgib

[source: @SanMarino_RTV] pic.twitter.com/gQJqXH8WRH

— San Marino fan account (@SanMarino_FA) November 15, 2020

San Marino defender Dante Rossi was unable to hold back the tears during his post-match interview following the Nations League draw with Gibraltar.

Despite having Davide Simoncini sent off early in the second half, San Marino managed to ensure the game ended 0-0 in Saturday’s Group N fixture.

Current unbeaten streaks in international football:

England: 0 games
San Marino: 2 games pic.twitter.com/6oK2XbSXmg

— Charlie G (@charliegfbtl) November 16, 2020

Their previous match in the competition ended goalless in Liechtenstein, meaning San Marino have gone undefeated in back-to-back competitive games for the first time ever.

Speaking to the media afterwards, Argentina-born Rossi wept tears of joy as he spoke of his pride in getting to represent the Southern European microstate.