VIDEO: Ronaldo on Chatroulette

Ronaldo on Chatroulette
Ronaldo? (Image: YouTube/RollinRock)

This group of Irish lads were very pleased to meet former Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan goalscoring legend Ronaldo on Chatroulette.

Meet John Griffin, David C, Rob H, Neil C and Donagh O’S, who put a cruelly-titled video of the online match-up on YouTube:

Speaking to TheScore.ie, Irishman Griffin said:

We were playing a bit of FIFA and were on chat roulette for about 10-15 minutes. There was one guy left over.

A guy came up on the screen and it said ‘Location: Brazil’.

He said “I love you guys”.

He was on for about one minute — he could hear everything we said.

He didn’t say much.

Is this a hoax though? Have the video-makers been fooled?

Griffin said that he couldn’t be sure it really was the the Brazilian superstar, but apparently the encounter had seemed:

Relatively legit.

The image of Ronaldo is remarkably similar to this Twitcam that surfaced back in 2010 though:

To add to your footballers on Chatroulette enjoyment, KCKRS also managed to dig up this apparent meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo:

SOURCE: TheScore.ie via KCKRS