VIDEO: Ronaldo hit by snowball on streets of New York

The legendary Brazilian was hit in the face while taking a call on his mobile phone.

Seen here before the incident, we've also seen Ronaldo hit by snowball while he was on his mobile phone on the streets of New York
HIT: Ronaldo (Image: Antonio Cruz/ABr)

See the Ronaldo hit by snowball video that shows the legendary Brazilian getting hit in the face while he is on his mobile phone in New York.

The Instagram clip shows the former international striker’s assailant readying the missile before throwing a perfect shot at his intended target.

Minding his own business at the time, and presumably used to a sunnier climate, Ronaldo looked shocked when the snowball landed on his head.

It seems the assault was left unreported however as the player’s attacker turned out to be his travelling companion on the cold American streets.

Apparently able to take a joke, even if it interrupts an important call, the video was in fact uploaded to Ronaldo’s own Instagram account.

Check out the Ronaldo hit by snowball clip in full below: