VIDEO: Ronaldinho’s teeth are fixed

See the toothy results as Brazilian forward Ronaldinho's teeth are fixed.

Ronaldinho's teeth are fixed
GNAWW: Ronaldinho (Image: YouTube/SUELEN CRIST)

See the toothy results as Brazilian forward Ronaldinho’s teeth are fixed.

The ageing former Barcelona star has finally gone about correcting the distinct look of his gnashers with surgery rumoured to have cost around €50k.

Watch an interview with the player while he’s in the orthodontist’s chair and a quick explanation of how it was all done – all in Portuguese.

A roughly translated English narrative is helpfully included below for your reference. Burp thinks Fantastic is the presenter.

The world’s most famous toothy took a look at the deal and now smile with artist novel. One of the hallmarks still there: the inseparable bandana. But the other, toothy mouth, is a thing of the past for Ronaldinho.

After much speculation, the Fantastic was seeing how it was the smile of Ronaldinho. We went to the training center of Atletico Mineiro. It was a practice that Ronaldinho did the whole treatment. Let’s see how it went.

Ronaldinho: I’ve lived smiling now then.
Fantastic: Made much difference to you, Ronaldinho?
Ronaldinho: He did a lot, huh.
Ronaldinho: The teeth was something I always wanted. But I had to change for me there was no way. And I also did not feel safe, not cool thought.

Ronaldinho underwent two procedures. First, the gum surgery redesigned the top of the mouth to expose more of the tooth.

After ten teeth were slightly worn and received fine ceramic blades, as if they were covers.

Ronaldinho: All treatment was always the day before the game. I enjoyed the days of concentration to do.

“With this scale there’s Brasileirão we had to wait for the games are here in Independence, we were attending Ronaldo here,” says the dentist David Leonardo.
A total of four sessions. “It was one thing for all of us something very rewarding to give this result to the athlete who deserves, right?” Concludes the dentist.

Treatment as Ronaldinho can cost R$150,000.

Before deciding the operation, the ace of Atletico Mineiro had tried to use a mobile device. But complained of feeling.

Ronaldinho: So I talked already with this mobile device that is bothering me, imagine with each other. And also to play, beat, cut, and saw friends who used always having problem.

For an expert, it is important to combine the aesthetic treatment with orthodontic.

Ronaldo did not use appliance. But should have used device to improve the position of his teeth. This would further facilitate the cosmetic procedure and execution of his case,” explains Rodrigo Bueno de Moraes, consultant of the Brazilian Association of Dentistry.

Dentist Ronaldinho: The end results are excellent. It was not something we did palliation. It was very well planned.

Fantastic: Are you feeling the difference in the mouth?
Ronaldinho: This is the feeling of getting past the language all the time, which is quite different.
Ronaldinho is the best thing that has the power to look in the mirror and feel good.

The change that is making Ronaldinho laugh for nothing pleased the teammates.

Joe: Wow, quite changed.
Luan: It was excellent.
Cuca: He’s playing better. And the trend is improving by the end of the year.
Victor: Smile improved, now need to find a plastic surgeon.

The number 10 is also ace the answers to colleagues.