Romanian stretcher bearer trips and drops Otelul Galati's injured Cheick Diarra
(Image: YouTube/ALXrecords)

VIDEO: Romanian stretcher bearer trips and drops injured player

Medical staff stumble yields inevitable results in Romanian second-level clash.

A stretcher bearer trips and brings the whole operation crashing down in this video showing the attempt to get injured Cheick Fantamady Diarra off the pitch.

As Rapid Bucuresti clashed with FC Otelul Galati in the Romanian Liga 2, Seria 1 on Saturday, Diarra fell awkwardly following a foul from Iulian Popa.

After a brief pain-relieving spray, Otelul’s Diarra is hoisted onto the carrying device but, just before they reach the sideline, one stretcher bearer trips and bashes into the injured player before falling to the floor, bringing the whole group with him.

A team-mate then sensibly intervenes and insists the medical team do not try again.