Romanian under-17 coach kicks youth player sitting on the sidelines
(Image: Facebook/Gazeta Sporturilor)

VIDEO: Romanian coach kicks youth player sitting on the sidelines

Reportedly discovered the 16-year-old had snuck out of a training camp to visit McDonald's.

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Posted by Gazeta Sporturilor on Sunday, 1 November 2015

This shocking clip shows Liviu Petrache, an under-17 coach for Romanian side CSMS Iași, kicking a sixteen-year-old after apparently discovering the player had snuck out of a training camp to visit a branch of McDonald’s.

Codrin Tirişcă, the victim of the attack, reportedly said:

He gave me a punch in the mouth first, then three in the hands, back and in the ribs and in the end I received a kick in the head.

Talking about his trip to the popular restaurant, Tirişcă continued:

Some of the boys did not have dinner because the food was not good. It was polenta with cheese and butter and fries with dry chicken.

I slept on the coach at 21:00 because I had toothache and at 23:00, because we were hungry, we asked the driver to let us go to a McDonald’s nearby.

He refused, so I waited until he fell asleep and then ten of us went down to the restaurant. It happened at 1:00 at night!

Coach Petrache has now been dismissed from his role as a result of the incident.

CSM Studențesc Iași club president, former goalkeeper Florin Prunea, said:

It is unacceptable to have such behaviour, such a man has no place in sport!

I ordered an internal investigation regarding this unacceptable episode.