Roma fan slips trying to recreate the goal he said even he could score
(Image: Twitter/AS Roma English)

VIDEO: Roma fan who commented “even I could have scored that goal” brought to stadium to try

Takes to the pitch in full kit to recreate Cengiz Ünder strike.



A Roma fan who said “even I could have scored that goal” in response to Cengiz Ünder’s strike against Parma was invited to the Stadio Olimpico to try.

The Serie A club teamed up with Hyundai to call Marco Nicolai’s bluff on his Facebook comment, offering him VIP treatment for a match – with a caveat.

You could have at least got him a decent football boot.

— Ismail (@codeismail) April 11, 2019

Marco had to take to the pitch in full kit and attempt to recreate the finish he took to social media to claim he could have managed himself.

His first effort could scarcely have gone worse – he slips over while shaping to shoot, ending up flat on the turf.

Will never buy Hyundai after that

— Itachi Uchiha (@xrizxian) April 11, 2019

Take two isn’t much better – he shanks it wide of the near post, a far cry from Ünder’s low finish into the far corner.

Third time lucky? Not quite, but it’s the closest he comes to emulating the original goal, even if it does fail to hit the target.