VIDEO: Roger Federer wears the Brazil kit, plays football tennis with Tommy Haas, meets Pele

Roger Federer wears the Brazil kit
The Brazilian himself (Image: YouTube/AkilesInsecure)

Roger Federer emerged in the complete Brazil national kit during his match with with Tommy Haas on the Gillette Federer Tour, which is currently taking place in the South American country.

A giant tennis ball was produced and the pair were able to show off their skills in a game of football tennis.

They’re actually not too bad.

Watch as Roger Federer wears the Brazil kit and plays football tennis with Tommy Haas:

Continuing a running theme (a, b, c), Federer was caught dancing Gangnam Style:

The Gillette Federer Tour seems to be rife with frivolity, you might also enjoy tennis babe Caroline Wozniacki “imitating” Serena Williams by stuffing her bra and pants:

Federer has also managed to meet Pelé during his time in Brazil. The three-times World Cup winner, who helpfully tweets in both Portuguese and English, posted this pic:

I love to play tennis, and today, one of the greatest in the sport stopped by to say hello. twitter.com/Pele/status/27…

— Pelé (@Pele) December 8, 2012

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