VIDEO: Reporter hit by car during live broadcast after Club América vs Chivas

Fox Sports Mexico reporter is bumped while analysing Club América clash with Chivas.

The Fox Sports Mexico reporter hit by car during a live broadcast while analysing Club América 1-2 Chivas
HIT: Reporter (Image: YouTube/World News)

See a reporter hit by a car during a live broadcast after Club América’s clash with Chivas in Mexico’s Liga MX on Monday.

Fox Sports Mexico journalist David Medrano Mora was analysing the tie with Fox Central host Aldo Sanchez while standing in an open space near Guadalajara Airport.

Mora is unexpectedly interrupted as we see the bonnet of a car bump into the presenter and knock him out of shot before the channel cuts back to the concerned host in a studio.

Watch the reporter hit by car during a live broadcast following Club América 1-2 Chivas at the Aztec Stadium:

The station and journalist later confirmed he was not injured in the accident:

@TMZ everything is perfect, it was just a little scratch!! Hahahaha thank you

— David Medrano Mora (@deividmedrano) September 30, 2015