VIDEO: Reporter does 360‎° turn before interview with Malaga coach

Míchel puzzled as beIN SPORTS España man swivels on the spot.

Málaga manager Míchel after beIN SPORTS España reporter Manuel Pedrero swivels on the spot
(Image: Twitter/El Día Después #0‏)

Un periodista a lo Bisbal. #ElDíaDespués pic.twitter.com/rMZrRPKqWN

— El Día Después #0 (@ElDiaDespues) October 6, 2017

Check out beIN SPORTS España reporter Manuel Pedrero, who swivels on the spot before speaking to Málaga manager Míchel following his side’s 2-0 defeat at Sevilla last weekend.

Covering La Liga for the Spanish network, Pedrero briefly speaks facing the camera before inexplicably beginning the post-match interview with an almost 360 degree turn.

The move garnered a look of bewilderment from the 54-year-old former Real Madrid player and Spain international, as well as a lot of laughter from those speaking over the clip.



— Antonio Luna (@ALuna90) October 6, 2017