Roazhon Park, home of Rennes, plays the Champions League Anthem at 3am
(Image: Twitter/Télé Vision)

VIDEO: Rennes play the Champions League Anthem in stadium at 3am

French Ligue 1 side upset local residents.

J'avoue c'était "un poil" fort. Surtout pour 3h du mat. Je serais curieux de savoir qui n'a pas été réveillé 😅 pic.twitter.com/tzT9tm3zSP

— Télé Vision (@NatoVingt4) August 12, 2020

Roazhon Park, home of Stade Rennais, blasted out the UEFA Champions League Anthem at three in the morning on Wednesday.

Neighbours complained after being awoken by a reported twenty minutes of loud music coming from the French Ligue 1 side’s ground.

@RoazhonPark @AFPRennes @20minutesrennes @PoliceNationale 3h du matin habiter en face le stade de rennes qui depuis 20 min diffuse en boucle la musique de UEFA impossible de se rendormir c'est une blague ?!?!

— Juliette by Ambre (@Juliettebyambre) August 12, 2020

3am living in front of the Rennes’s stadium which has been broadcasting UEFA music on a loop for 20 minutes. Impossible to fall asleep again, it’s a joke?!?!

The club apparently held a “small event” overnight, with players and employees of the club, to celebrate their qualification for the Champions League next season.

Nouvel air au Roazhon Park. 🎵
#AllezRennes#ToutDonner 💪🔴⚫ pic.twitter.com/yhIAtEfA3W

— Stade Rennais F.C. (@staderennais) August 11, 2020

Rennes president Nicolas Holveck told Ouest France:

We had a small event at the stadium with the employees and some players. .

We experienced this among members of Stade Rennais, with the greatest respect for the sanitary conditions in force.

It’s a very, very beautiful evening, with a fantastic outcome.