Ref Cam highlights from the MLS All-Star Game against Real Madrid
(Image: Twitter/Sam Huxley)

VIDEO: Ref Cam highlights from MLS All-Star Game against Real Madrid

See the match as you've never seen one before.

Incredible footage from the #MLSAllStar game –


Sadly no Tony Adams swearing at David Elleray scenes here. pic.twitter.com/eJVeY6dSJm

— Sam Huxley (@samhuxley) August 13, 2017

See the Major League Soccer All-Star Game against Real Madrid as you’ve never seen a football match before – filmed on a Ref Cam.

As its name suggests, the Ref Cam is a camera attached to the match referee that puts the viewer right the middle of the action.

In an intimate look at the annual clash featuring select players from the division facing the Spanish side, we pound around the pitch with the official, are confronted by quizzical players and make the tough calls when necessary.

Immersed in the game, it feels a bit like a simulation as discussions continue following the final whistle that brings a close to the 1-1 draw at Soldier Field in Chicago earlier this month before Madrid emerged triumphant following a 2-4 win on penalties.