Real Salt Lake and USA goalkeeper Nick Rimando plays head tennis with his dog Bruno
(Image: Twitter/Nick Rimando)

VIDEO: Real Salt Lake goalkeeper plays head tennis with his dog

They manage to nod ball back and forth eight times.

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— Nick Rimando (@NickRimando) September 12, 2018

In this clip, Real Salt Lake goalkeeper Nick Rimando plays head tennis with his dog and they successfully nod the ball back and forth eight times.

39-year-old Rimando, who has 22 caps for the US men’s national team, clearly has a strong bond with his Olde English Bulldog, who goes by the name Bruno.

Bruno sits on the poolside returning Rimando’s headers from within the water as their family watches on and records the rally for posterity.

A two-time MLS Cup winner, Rimando was part of the USA squad that reached the last 16 of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

He was an understudy to Tim Howard, who set a new record for most saves in a World Cup finals match during the defeat to Belgium.

His faithful companion Bruno was described in the following terms in a feature on the website of Wolfgang USA, a company that designs pet accessories:

While Bruno looks like a big tough guy, he is actually a sensitive soul with big feelings.

Bruno loves finding the perfect stick to chew, off-leash walks, barreling through the house like a freight train, playing keep away from [Rimando’s other dog] Owin, basketball, and kisses.

Bruno has an irrational fear of brooms, mops and vacuums and anything that makes loud noises.

Bruno loves all humans…especially his family. His wagging tail and wiggling butt are ever-present signs of what a happy boy he is.