Rabbit on pitch during Edmonton vs Valour
(Image: Twitter/FC Edmonton)

VIDEO: Rabbit on pitch at Edmonton as they host Valour in Canadian Premier League

Stuttering weather-affected clash receives unexpected guest.

69’ | A pitch invader delays the match for a moment. Plays resumes without security involvement. #Lit #FCEd #CanPL #RallyRabbit pic.twitter.com/lCoTAe48FN

— FC Edmonton (@FCEdmontonNow) July 18, 2019

There was a rabbit pitch invader during a Canadian Premier League fall season match at Edmonton on Wednesday.

Valour held their hosts to a 0-0 draw at Clarke Stadium, where a series of delays led to the game not finishing until four and a half hours after the scheduled start time.

The @onesoccer team still moved faster getting out of the stadium

— Darren Bartram (@dbartram22) July 18, 2019

Stormy weather severely affected the event and saw kick-off delayed by 45 minutes before a recurrence led to a two hour pause shortly after the national anthem.

Many fans and even the TV crew covering the game upped and left during the huge break in play in Edmonton.

The assistent ref is casting some sort of spell. The magic of the FC Edmonton. pic.twitter.com/qTgz4hbFN7

— KΞVιπ BLλKΞM4N (@Hirsutable) July 18, 2019

But those that stayed were treated to the appearance of a rabbit on the pitch midway through the second-half.

The small animal bounded around the grass while players swerved to avoid it.