Portugal Women U-17 goalkeeper scores an own goal with her face
OUCH! Oggie (Image: Twitter/Non Sense Football)

VIDEO: Portugal Women Under-17 goalkeeper scores own goal with face

Comical moment puts Portuguese 5-0 down to Spain after just 39 minutes.


Eu na vida sou a goleira da seleção sub-17 de Portugal pic.twitter.com/KwZ2Ddz4Ue

— Non Sense Football (@NSenseFootball) March 29, 2017

Watch the moment the Portugal Women Under-17 goalkeeper scores an own goal with her face during a 6-1 defeat to their Spanish counterparts.

The unfortunate Bárbara Marques took one of her defenders’ goal-line clearance smack in the chops, deflecting it back over the line in the process.

Although it came as early as the 39th minute it put Portugal 5-0 down, with Spain adding a sixth just minutes later on their way to a handsome half-time lead.

Portugal can at least claim to have won the second half thanks to a 59th minute consolation, but it wasn’t quite enough of a face-saving exercise.

And face-saving is a skill that Bárbara Marques might need to learn if her defenders keep hammering the ball at her from point-blank range.

Ultimately, though, her own goal wasn’t quite as spectacular as Chris Brass’s legendary effort while playing for Bury against Darlington:

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