VIDEO: Poor defending costs Rebellion FC dear against Stonewall

Rebellion FC defend poorly against Stonewall FC
Football (pictured)… Rebelled (Image: YouTube/RebellionFC)

See some bad defending here! Watch this clip from an 11-a-side Weekend League 2012-13 Sunday PM Division 1 clash between Rebellion FC and Stonewall FC back in early December 2012.

Stonewall won their home game at Barn Elms Playing Fields 5-3 but not without a little help from a poorly organised Rebellion defence.

Watch below as the Rebellion players manage to miss every opportunity to clear their lines before, inevitably, Stonewall’s big number 5 (“Nathan”), scores.

Rebellion are in orange… obviously.

The video has been thrust into the limelight this week after one the Rebellion players notified the Paddy Power blog of its existence:

@paddypower I think I can top that – how about this: youtube.com/watch?v=NBJguH… I’m ashamed to say I play for the team in orange. #nightmare

— Guy (@gmcgechan) April 17, 2013

@dannythecat @paddypower not sure brilliant is the word.. but thanks! (i think)

— Guy (@gmcgechan) April 17, 2013

… and it’s become a bit of a hit. At time of writing, the team had even been invited to go on Soccer AM.

Humbly uploaded by internet-active Rebellion FC, who also maintain a strong web presence, the video description is:

Stonewall FC vs Rebellion FC
Stonewall FC won 5:3.
Rebellion FC conceded one of the most inept, but hilarious goals you could see.
You would never think these fellas had played football before – but they have!