VIDEO: Polish GC United Gassy player jumps in puddle

Polish player jumps in puddle after scoring goal
Polish player… Splash (Image: YouTube/kartofliskapl)

Polish player jumps in puddle for goal celebration is the must-see video of the day! Watch some Poles jump in a large puddle during a soggy game between Grom Prace Małe and GC United Gassy.

In a match that most probably should have been called off due to heavy rain and large patches of surface water, these players made the most of the awkward conditions with a terrific wet celebration following their goal.

GC United Gassy ended up losing the game, which also featured loud thunder, 2-1 with their only goal of the game scored in the first-half by Trykacz Jarosław.

To celebrate Jarosław’s strike, one of his team-mates took a giant leap into the giant puddle, landing on his back and creating a giant splash.

Then two Gassy colleagues joined the party by diving in to the giant puddle too – Jürgen Klinsmann style.

Watch the full length wonderful Grom Prace Małe v GC United Gassy – player jumps in puddle video below:

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