A police officer called a fan 'dickhead' at Elland Road when trouble flared at Leeds 3-1 Stoke
(Image: YouTube/All Leeds TV)

VIDEO: Police officer calls fan ‘dickhead’ at Elland Road

Controls the situation with his use of language.


A policeman called a fan ‘dickhead’ to get their attention outside Elland Road at Leeds’ 3-1 win over Stoke City on Sunday.

The lighthearted moment was captured on footage from All Leeds TV of the police interacting with supporters attending the club’s first game of the Championship season.

In what looks like a highly-charged situation, supporters are being separated by row of police horses and there’s lots of shouting.

A masterful police officer who seems eminently responsible has the situation under control with his use of language and tells the fan to “grow up” and “get yourself home” in a broad Yorkshire accent.