VIDEO: Player’s flying leap goal celebration misses target

An Albanian Cup goalscorer escapes the clutches of a colleague's running jump.

A player's flying leap goal celebration misses its intended target in the Albanian Cup
FAILED: Leap (Image: YouTube/Sportikon)

A recent Albanian Cup match saw one player’s flying leap goal celebration go wrong and miss its intended target – the goalscorer – entirely.


Flamurtari Vlorë’s Nikolic was overjoyed when he opened the scoring in the 61st minute of the current holders’ quarter-final clash with KF Skënderbeu Korçë on Wednesday night.

As the goalscorer naturally ran away towards the sidelines to celebrate, one of his teammates appeared a little too eager to join him.

In the process of diving off the side of the pitch, the Superliga star was apparently unaware of a colleague’s running jump being aimed in his direction.

The player behind him misses Nikolic completely and crashes unceremoniously into the turf in his wake.

As it turned out they weren’t even celebrating the winner, as the game ended 1-1 and a replay is now scheduled for February 18th.

Check out the full, detailed but silent video of a player’s flying leap goal celebration that misses its intended target below: