Player in full kit slides down the middle of escalators at a London Underground station and crashes into obstacles
(Image: Twitter/James Gower)

VIDEO: Full-kit player slides down the middle of Tube escalators

Crashes into a couple of the usual obstacles.



Watch an amateur side’s player slide down the separation between two escalators at a station on the London Underground, crashing into a couple obstacles along the way.

Still in his muddied full kit from the game and clutching a boot bag, the red-shirted man ends up being thrown into the path of other travellers at the bottom.

There’s not a lot of information about the video, where it was filmed, it’s participants or their team, except for the somewhat comforting recent updates from the guy that filmed it:




Plus the analysis:

I believe it was at this point he realised it wasn't going well. pic.twitter.com/Uh2kzwDA2j

— Carl Jones (@CarlDJones) December 21, 2017

Still can't believe he got booked for simulation. pic.twitter.com/W2JRHUA8Mv

— Carl Jones (@CarlDJones) December 21, 2017

The face as he realises this is getting worse.

— Dr.T (@DoctorT1992) December 21, 2017