UTA Arad forwards David Popa collides with goalpost celebrating goal during 1-2 defeat to Argeș Pitești
(Twitter/Emanuel Roşu)

VIDEO: Player runs into goalpost after scoring penalty rebound in Romanian match

Takes gloss off his 'no-look' finish.


The best video of the week comes froooom… you're right… Romania. EPIC FAIL after you think you're a Liverpool star and you can score a no look goal! Just watch this! pic.twitter.com/WJHLWoOJPn

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) November 18, 2018

UTA Arad forward David Popa ran into a goalpost while celebrating a ‘no-look’ goal during a 1-2 defeat to Argeș Pitești in Romania’s Liga II yesterday.

The 20-year-old, who played for Birmingham City at youth level, scored with a Firmino-style finish after his penalty was initially palmed away.

Perhaps disoriented by his sideways glance, Popa wheels away to celebrate his equalising strike and collides head-first with one of the uprights at the Stadionul Motorul.

To make matters worse, Argeș Pitești retook the lead just minutes later and held on for the win.