Tupi player scores when teammate stops ball on the line in Brazilian league
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VIDEO: Player nabs goal when teammate stops ball on the line in Brazil

Momentary pause allows Tupi's Flávio Caça-Rato to poke home.

Tupi’s Flávio Caça-Rato appeared to rob his teammate of a goal when a fellow attacker paused with the ball on the line after a mazy dribble through the defence.

Hosting América Mineiro in the regional Mineiro 1 league in Brazil, Tupi went one in front after 22 minutes at the Estádio Municipal Radialista Mário Helênio on Sunday night.

Showboating Jajá will be credited with an assist after stopping on the goal line for a moment, allowing the nearby and impatient Flávio Caça-Rato to poke the ball home from under his feet before running off to celebrate.

América Mineiro’s 90th minute equaliser will have disappointed the pair of them though.