Cedar Galaxy B player does step overs but leaves the ball behind in a Kerry District League game
(Image: Facebook/Full Time Productions)

VIDEO: Player leaves ball behind while doing step-overs in Irish amateur game

Attempt at bamboozling opponent goes awry.

There was an amusing fail in an Irish amateur game as a Cedar Galaxy Killarney player contrived to leave the ball behind during a series of step-overs.

Playing against CS Abbeydorney in the Kerry District League, the player attempts to bamboozle his opponent with some flashy showboating.

Unfortunately he only ends up confusing himself, shimmying backwards without the ball and allowing the opposition defender to intercept.

It’s not quite clear whether he totally loses his bearings or tries to pull of a drag-back that goes awry.

All in all, it was indicative of a match in which his side ended up losing 4-2.