Cần Thơ player scores an own goal directly from a free kick at Bình Phước in the Vietnamese Cup
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VIDEO: Player kicks ball into own net from free kick in Vietnamese National Football Cup game

Mystifying strike in first round clash.


A player for XSKT Cần Thơ inexplicably booted the ball into his own net from a free kick given just outside the area during a cup game in Vietnam on Saturday.

Cần Thơ drew 2-2 at Bình Phước in their Vietnamese Cup first round match on Saturday before going out on penalties.

But a major talking point of the game at Phuoc Binh Stadium in Phước Long was the free kick that led to a disallowed own goal.


The visiting goalkeeper could only watch in horror as the ball sailed past him from what should have been a simple ball from his teammate.

The scorer collapsed to the floor upon realising what he’d done but, fortunately for him, the goal was disallowed.

The referee made the correct decision, following a little known rule that if a free kick is kicked directly into a team’s own goal then a corner kick is awarded instead.