Fénix teammates end up in heap celebrating goal at Maldonado
(Image: Twitter/Fabinho Viborinha)

VIDEO: Player collapses under weight of teammate celebrating goal in Uruguayan top flight match

Both end up in heap.

Quiero el festejo de Fenix para el FIFA pic.twitter.com/DJwccL3gvn

— Fabinho Viborinha (@fabitooficial) March 8, 2021

Fénix goal-scorer Luciano Nequecaur collapsed under the weight of a teammate while celebrating his goal at Maldonado in the Uruguayan Primera División.

His stoppage time strike put the seal on a 2-0 win at the Estadio Domingo Burgueño on Monday as he backheeled in a cutback from Bruno Scorza Perdomo.

He then went to lift his assister into the air in celebration, only to buckle under the weight and leave them both in a heap on the turf.

Given that his teammate appears to be a fair bit smaller than him, questions may well be asked about how he managed not to withstand his mass.