Armadillo on pitch in Argentina, a player received a yellow card for stepping on it
(Image: Twitter/Mauri)

VIDEO: Player booked for stepping on armadillo on pitch in Argentina

Animal released by fans evades capture before mean player steps in.

LOCURA ANAL. Liga de fútbol de Pehuajó. Progreso vs. Maderense. LO QUE TIRAN A LA CANCHA. Gracias por estas lágrimas pic.twitter.com/CAAFNdO6uQ

— Mauri (@mauricodo) 8 September 2016

Watch as an armadillo on the pitch evades captures before being stepped on by a player as Progreso faced Maderense in a Liga de Pehuajo clash in Argentina.

Said to have been let loose by fans, the poor scurrying little creature can be seen running away from the players and officials who presumably wanted to get on with the local Buenos Aires league game.

One mean-spirited participant took matters into his own hands, stepping on the armadillo on the pitch and trapping it before a man who cared for the New World placental mammal like he was its owner carried it off and gave the attacker a piece of his mind.

The player receives a yellow card for his actions and just minutes later the match duly descends into an all-out brawl between the two sides.

Watch the armadillo on pitch above and full highlights of the resulting punch-up below:

The last time these two sides faced each other Progreso fans released a painted hen:

En el partido de ida, que Progreso ganó 3 a 0, sus hinchas les tiraron a los de Maderense UNA GALLINA BATARAZA!!! pic.twitter.com/4lwUgxDwsR

— Mauri (@mauricodo) 9 September 2016

Acá, primer plano de LA GALLINA que los muchachos de Progreso PINTARON con "verde Maderense" en el partido anterior. pic.twitter.com/kBt2qfHpPw

— Mauri (@mauricodo) 10 September 2016

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