Pitch invader in Mexican wrestling mask shows red card to ref in Woden Weston 1-3 Cooma Tigers
(Image: YouTube/Capital Football)

VIDEO: Pitch invader wearing Mexican wrestling mask shows ref red card in Australian state game

Woden Weston vs Cooma Tigers interrupted by former ref's protest.


A pitch invader wearing a Mexican wrestling mask showed the referee a red card during a Capital Football Premier League match in Canberra on Saturday.

In the Under-20’s and 1st Grade Round 4, Cooma Tigers visited Woden Weston at their Melrose Synthetic ground.

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A pitch invader entered the field during Cooma v Woden-Weston in Australia, wearing a Mexican wrestling mask & brandished the ref with a red card.

Players then ripped off the mask, it turns out he was a former referee.

He's now banned for 10 years. pic.twitter.com/IMECAUXAZp

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However the game was interrupted when someone managed to get onto the pitch midway through the second half.

The man brandished a red card at ref Alex McConachie while hiding his face with a Mexican wrestling mask, before it was forcibly removed by some of the players.

GOAL! Cooma Tigers in Australia Capital Territory
Woden Weston 1-3 Cooma Tigers

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The pitch invader is reported to be a former referee in the midst of staging a protest against the treatment of officials in Canberra over the past 12 months.

Despite not being able to name him, the game’s governing body’s chief executive Phil Brown said:

We reviewed those incident reports that came in, as well as the footage of the match, and we have issued the person we believe entered the field with a 10-year suspension from all football activities.

They can’t go to watch a [local] game, they can’t go to a Socceroos or Matildas match.

We’re going to escalate that up to FFA and request that become a national ban.

Brown insisted the punishment was justified:

As you can imagine, it’s not a nice experience having someone with a mask on run at you directly in a game.

It left the referee feeling quite threatened and intimidated.

It’s quite scary.

You’ve got to remember this is a referee doing their thing on a football field.

If that happened in a service station, that’s quite a serious thing, so it’s quite a serious thing for football as well.