Pitch invader in mankini is chased during Czech First League game between Plzeň and MFK Karviná
(Image: iSport TV)

VIDEO: Pitch invader in mankini chased during Czech First League game

Interrupted Plzeň's 2-0 win over MFK Karviná.


A pitch invader in a mankini interrupted Plzeň’s 2-0 win over MFK Karviná on Saturday while he was chased around the pitch at the Doosan Arena by a group of stewards.

The man appeared midway through the second-half of the Czech First League game with the hosts and division leaders in front by a single goal.

He had a moment to run around with a big grin on his face before eventually being brought down by a slide tackle from one of the security team and bundled upon by the rest.

The pitch invader’s trousers and wig were left strewn on the grass.

Fan footage of the incident below: