Pitch invader runs away from stewards behind Raheem Sterling's post-match interview after FA Cup final between Man City and Watford
(Image: Twitter/galbon)

VIDEO: Pitch invader evades stewards behind Raheem Sterling interview after FA Cup final

Fan with flag is chased at Wembley.


The BBC picking up a fantastic sidestep from the streaker here #FACup pic.twitter.com/ieTBq0AdMq

— galbon (@georgealbon) May 18, 2019

A pitch invader was chased by stewards behind Raheem Sterling as the Man City player took part in a post-match interview following the FA Cup final.

Manchester City thrashed Watford 6-0 on Saturday evening and the players congregated on the pitch at Wembley after the final whistle.

Superb drop of the shoulder by the pitch invader! #FACupFinal pic.twitter.com/8HmP8JYSg3

— Dave Hassall (@dhassallwafc) May 18, 2019

As Sterling conducted his media duties, a fan with a flag could be seen running past him and faking a move to one side before running to the other.

The pitch invader’s attempt to outfox a steward was noticed by viewers of the BBC television coverage while he was cheered on by the crowd.