A pitch invader runs away from stewards at Old Trafford after Man Utd vs Juventus
(Image: Twitter/Max Allanazarov)

VIDEO: Pitch invader evades stewards at Old Trafford after defeat to Juventus

Manages to wriggle free following final whistle of Champions League clash.


Криштиано после матча с МЮ. pic.twitter.com/O9ximFbzpf

— Max Allanazarov (@KyKyPyKy22) October 23, 2018

There were a series of pitch invaders attempting to get a moment with the returning Cristiano Ronaldo during and after Manchester United’s 0-1 defeat to Juventus at Old Trafford on Tuesday night.

Following the final whistle of the Champions League group game, one of them managed to escape the advances of the stewards and wriggled free for a moment as the crowd cheered him on.

A few sharp turns and a slip by one of the security guards had most entertained as the crowds exited the stadium.

The pitch invader was eventually bundled to the floor and led away.