A pitch invader at Man Utd vs Juventus tries to crawl towards Ronaldo after being tackled being a steward
(Image: Twitter/Max Allanazarov)

VIDEO: Pitch invader at Man Utd vs Juventus tries to crawl towards Cristiano Ronaldo after being grabbed by stewards

Early interruption of Champions League group stage clash at Old Trafford.


Чудак выбежал на поле и чуть чуть не достал Криштиану. Роналду показал большой палец, чудака утащили) pic.twitter.com/WqTm6hwhUb

— Max Allanazarov (@KyKyPyKy22) October 23, 2018

A pitch invader at Man Utd vs Juventus evaded security for long enough to almost make it to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man interrupted the Champions League group stage match at Old Trafford on Tuesday night early in the first-half.

Pitch invader rugby tackled to the ground yards short of reaching his target Ronaldo. #MUFC #MUNJUV pic.twitter.com/aQhCsPCFc9

— Kris Voakes (@krisvoakes) October 23, 2018

He was was brought down by a series of stewards just outside the penalty area at Old Trafford as the players gathered to await a set piece.

But still the pitch invader persisted, continuing to crawl towards Ronaldo before being brought to a complete halt.

While United manager José Mourinho laughed on the sidelines, the Juventus star offered the fan his hand before the interloper was dragged away.

At least he got a handshake…#MUNJUV https://t.co/DN85hebYpX pic.twitter.com/UBVfCtxPWe

— Mirror Football (@MirrorFootball) October 23, 2018