VIDEO: Pine marten invades pitch, bites player during Thun v Zürich

Pine marten invades pitch during FC Thun 1898 v FC Zürich
Pine marten… Tricky customer (Image: YouTube/bolzurich)

This is, as the title may suggest, a ‘pine marten invades pitch’ video.

The ferret-like creature caused havoc in a Swiss Super League clash between FC Thun 1898 and FC Zürich in the small Bernese Oberland town of Thun.

Zürich ended up winning the match 4-0, but play had to be stopped when the the pine marten ran onto the pitch and went scurrying about everywhere.

After evading capture for what seemed like an eternity, the marten was eventually acrobatically grabbed by Zurich defender Loris Benito.

But the animal wasn’t finished yet. It managed to squirm though Benito’s hands and bite him on the finger in the process.

The injured player told Swiss television at half-time:

In hindsight, I was probably a little foolish.

You don’t know what sort of disease it might be carrying. It was painful.

Play briefly resumed after the marten ran off and hid somewhere while Benito went to the sidelines to receive treatment.

The animal soon reappeared to interrupt the match again though and was eventually caught by one of the few men in the ground with gloves on, Zürich goalkeeper David Da Costa.

Watch complete coverage of the ‘pine marten invades pitch’ incident below:

Fc Thun v Zurich. A pine marten (we think! Like a ferret anyway) invaded the pitch. #MadeSomeGoodRuns pdy.pr/D7OalN

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) March 10, 2013