Peterborough's Michael Bostwick mistakes a steward for a team-mate
(Image: YouTube/Peterborough United)

VIDEO: Peterborough’s Michael Bostwick mistakes steward for teammate in hi-vis mix-up

Spreads ball out wide to yellow-clad figure in the corner of his eye.


Watch the moment Peterborough United’s Michael Bostwick mistakes a steward for a teammate and ends up passing the ball to him.

The steward’s fluorescent yellow hi-vis jacket matched Posh’s away kit for the game at Northampton Town, confounding midfielder Bostwick.

Spotting a yellow figure out the corner of his eye, he spread the ball out wide to what he took to be a team-mate making an overlapping run.

Despite amused cheers from the crowd, the steward declined to play along and merely let the ball go out for a Northampton throw-in.

Surely someone should have seen this one coming? After all, it is hi-vis…