VIDEO: Peter Crouch in music video for Peace track Gen Strange

Stoke City striker abuses lead singer.

Peter Crouch in music video for Peace - Gen Strange
MEAN: Crouch (Image: YouTube/PeaceVEVO)

See an abusive Peter Crouch in a music video for Peace‘s track Gen Strange.

The video is explained by the band in this open letter:

Hello world,
Please find attached our video we made for gen strange.
Basically the TOADZ (totally original & dangerous) have got your back baby.
Look, our youth was tarnished by being spat on and bothered as we mooched around small town shopping centres but it’s 2015 now & we’ve decided having to deal with being verbally or physically assaulted for basically dressing like an absolute hero, being “overweight” & too cute is over.
Next time you get sass give us a call & we’ll come fuck those jokers up. On our motorbikes.
We’re claiming the tracksuit. It’s ours now.
Yours Toadingly

The 34-year-old Stoke City striker appears as a loitering bully and insults the lead singer with this devastating subtitle:

F*cking Emo…

Don’t miss Peter Crouch in the video for Peace – Gen Strange below: