Alexis Sánchez cursed by a turtle such as this
CURSE: Turtle

VIDEO: Peruvian shaman curses Alexis Sánchez with a turtle

Watch as witchdoctor attempts to combat Chilean's pace with spell involving slow-moving reptile.


Watch as a witchdoctor curses Alexis Sánchez with a turtle ahead of tonight’s Peru v Chile World Cup qualifier in Lima.

Sánchez has been in supreme form for club and country of late, but this Peruvian shaman believes he can combat the Arsenal forward’s speed by casting a spell involving one of the notoriously slow-moving reptiles.

If it works, will we see Watford adopting similar tactics this weekend? In any case, don’t expect to see “Alexis Sánchez 50% – cursed with a turtle” popping up in your fantasy football team news.