Paul Pogba jogs to his car in the slow style of his penalty run-up
(Image: Twitter/Paul Pogba)

VIDEO: Paul Pogba mocks his own penalty run-up with walk to car

Trots towards vehicle outside house.



Manchester United’s Paul Pogba reacted to online joviality related to his penalty run-up, most recently on display against Everton on Sunday, by releasing a video of himself trotting towards his car in a similar fashion.

The exuberant midfielder, regularly on social media, uploaded the short clip to Twitter and insinuated this was how he gets to his vehicle.

After leaving the house, the hooded player slowly jogs to his car door before opening it and getting in.

Pogba missed his initial spot-kick at the weekend after using a total of 28 steps in the run-up.

He managed to net the rebound in United’s 2-1 win at Old Trafford but was still widely mocked.