FC Köln fans sing the goat mascot at Cologne Zoo
(Image: Twitter/Archie Rhind-Tutt)

VIDEO: Pair of 1. FC Köln fans sing to club’s goat mascot at Cologne Zoo

Watched by other visitors.


At Köln Zoo where two FC Köln fans are serenading the goat club mascot, Hennes IX. “I want to win the Bundesliga just once in life,” they sing. Very Köln this. pic.twitter.com/EDE80Wa9EB

— Archie Rhind-Tutt (@archiert1) August 21, 2019

Two Köln fans at the zoo sang a song about how they hope to win the league to the new club animal – a goat named Hennes IX.

Hennes IX replaced 12-year-old Hennes VIII, who is suffering from “age-related osteoarthritis”, as the official mascot for the German Bundesliga club at the beginning of this season.

The side that feature a goat on their badge announced that the old guard was retiring for health reasons and will continue to live at the city zoo alongside his successor.

A pair of Köln supporters turned up at their enclosure in Cologne Zoo to sing to them both in front of other attendees at the attraction.

The first Hennes was appointed in 1950 and named after legendary player-coach Hennes Weisweiler.

The latest incarnation was born on February 24, 2018 at the Biolandhof Dörmann in Petershagen-Ilse and has been in Cologne for just over a year.