VIDEO: One-legged pitch invader at Corinthians v Coritiba

A one-legged pitch invader at Corinthians v Coritiba
This story’s got legs. Or maybe not… (Image: YouTube/Meu Timão)

Watch a one-legged pitch invader get wrestled to the ground by two burly stewards during Corinthians v Coritiba on Saturday.

Current champions, Corinthians emerged victorious on Saturday as they thrashed Coritiba 5-1 at home in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.

Coritiba completed a miserable day as Fabio Pereira was sent off, forcing his team to see out the game with ten men.

And this Coringão fan was so pleased, he thought he’d run on to the pitch to celebrate.

There was only one problem…

The video description roughly (Google) translates as:

The question: how he managed to evade security to enter the field? The answer: passion for Corinthians.