VIDEO: Oldham player punched in the head in Under-18s match

Young midfielder was knocked out after being attacked from behind by a Morecambe striker.

If you see the Oldham player punched in the head in an Under-18s match against Morecambe, it looks a little like this
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See an Oldham player punched in the head and knocked out by an opponent during their Under-18s clash with Morecambe on Saturday.

A youth team match between the two Football League sides at the Latics’ Chapel Road training ground was marred by the violent incident that saw midfielder Jack Tuohy floored after being struck from behind by a Morecambe striker in the second-half.

Tuohy was sent to hospital for analysis while his attacker was sent off.

An unnamed witness reportedly said:

It was Morecambe’s number nine who lost it.

Minutes earlier he had elbowed one of the Oldham lads in the face.

The ref didn’t see it and Oldham took the player off because he was bleeding and he had lost it.

Then the ball has gone and the same lad just whacks another Oldham player in the face as he has his back turned and is running away.

In years and years of watching football I have never seen anything like it.

I don’t think the ref saw this one either but the Oldham players came running over and the linesman ran onto the pitch.

He then sent the Morecambe lad off.

Initially looking forward to the game:

Hopefully 3 points Tommoz for us and the first team #oafc

— jack tuohy (@tuohy679) March 6, 2015

… Tuohy could have had no idea what fate had in store the next day:

Good 7-2 win good to get a goal and head is killing me now wow #oafcyouth

— jack tuohy (@tuohy679) March 7, 2015

… although the big win seemed to ease the pain a little.

Watch carefully and see an Oldham player punched in the head during the Under-18s clash in the shocking video below: