Notts County's Shola Ameobi throws ball towards Crewe fans at Gresty Road
(Image: Twitter/Jay Hodson)

VIDEO: Notts County’s Shola Ameobi throws ball towards Crewe fans

Home supporters said to have 'ironically cheered' him at every opportunity.


How the lino or ref didn't see this I will never know… #CreweAlex pic.twitter.com/tD1UzpUJ1i

— Jay Hodson (@jayhodson44) 15 April 2017

In this clip it looks like, while playing for Notts County, Shola Ameobi throws the ball at Crewe fans behind the goal at Gresty Road on Friday night.

But it may not show us the full picture.

According to various reports on social media, Ameobi actually tossed the ball into the empty seats at the front of the stand, albeit in an angry manner.

The home supporters berated the former Newcastle striker throughout the evening and were said to have ‘ironically cheered’ him at every opportunity.

Further celebrations were held when the player was controversially denied a late penalty and shown a yellow card for simulation.

A frustrated Shola Ameobi throws the ball in the general direction of the home fans but the referee either chose to ignore the incident or didn’t see it.