A Nottingham Forest fan sings a Christmas song about Derby County while sitting at a table in a pub with a pint
(Image: Twitter/Max)

VIDEO: Nottingham Forest fan sitting at a table sings Christmas song about Derby

Threatening seasonal banter ahead of East Midlands derby.



A Nottingham Forest fan has made a video of himself sitting at a table with pint of beer while singing a Christmas song about Derby County.

The rival sides faced each other at Pride Park on Monday night in a televised Championship clash on Sky Sports.

The East Midlands derby is said to be the 11th fiercest rivalry in English football and, since 2007, the winner of every match has been awarded the Brian Clough Trophy.

I genuinely laughed my head off at this!
I’m still not sure if he’s serious.

— Charlie (@CharlieHorowicz) December 16, 2018

The game ended goalless but, ahead of kick-off, this veteran supporter recorded himself reciting the customised lyrics.

He wears a Nottingham Forest shirt and sunglasses while sat in front of a decorated Christmas tree and a picture of Elton John in what appears to be a pub.

We hear the man’s intricate rearrangement of Bing Crosby’s seasonal hit, Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, which actually turns out to be quite threatening.

“You’re all gonna run, you’re all gonna cry, our own fans will fight over pie”

— Sam (@SYeoman22) December 16, 2018