VIDEO: North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un to buy Sunderland AFC

Pictured: Kim Jong-un, who wants to buy Sunderland AFC
Kim Jong-un… Sunderland fan

Supreme Leader of North Korea and probably Paolo Di Canio’s biggest fan, Kim Jong-un, wants to buy Sunderland AFC and impose his will on the club.

Not really. But watch the Paddy Power video below for an idea of what that might be like.

Paddy explains:

Kim Jong Un has pledged his allegiance to Paolo Di Canio to help Sunderland avoid the drop. In a public statement Chairman Kim announced the Black Cats’ controversial plans to beat relegation and how he is going to ‘light up’ Sunderland.

The tiny North Korean leader took over from his old man Kim Jong-Il in December 2011 and has wasted no time becoming good pals with controversial Sunderland manager Paolo Di Canio. A thumping 3-0 win over Newcastle in the Tyne-Wear derby gave Di Canio some brief respite from the accusations about his fascist beliefs, as the eccentric Italian tries to guide the North-East club to safety.

And offers some great North Korea specials (odds correct at time of writing):

6/4Kim Jong Un to announce that he has beaten Kim Jong Il’s 38 under par round of golf in 2013
5/2North and South Korea heads of state to publicly sign a joint peace treaty/peace declaration by the end of 2013
3/1‘Team America 2’ to be released by the end of 2015
20/1Kim Jong Un to set up a Twitter account in 2013
25/1Dennis Rodman to have North Korean citizenship by the end of 2013
25/1North Korea to declare war on the entire world in 2013
33/1Kim Jong Un to resign as Supreme Leader in 2013
33/1Kim Jong Un to rename a day of the week after himself
33/1Kim Jong Un to coach North Korea at the 2018 World Cup
50/1To hold a democratic election by the end of 2015
66/1North and South Korea to unite by the end of 2020
66/1Kim Jong Un to play at the 2018 World Cup
100/1North Korea to lift all restrictions on internet access in 2013
200/1Kim Jong Un to be photographed at the NBA final 2013

How many more nuclear weapons tests in 2013?

16/1Three or more
(Must be confirmed that a nuclear bomb signature has been detected by USGS)

Will North Korea launch a pre-emptive nuclear missile strike in 2013?


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